This is the birth of SATINAL, whose name is the union of the words “Satin” from silk satin (a textile with a surface particularly pleasing to the touch) and the first letters of the creators’ names.
At the beginning of 2000s, the new market conditions and the increasingly strict rules on security and health pushed the Lucchini company to sell the “Satinal” formulation to the present owner, who worked on the product relaunch investing in new equipment and human resources. Today SATINAL is a company specialized in the production of compounds…

STRATO® EVA-based interlayer is produced in Italy in the Satinal Group venue. Satinal is an Italian company present in the glass market since more than 20 years, allowing a fast answer to the market needs. The production site is the first ever made in Italy. The Italian production keeps the hig standards required and makes STRATO® a top quality product, but Satinal can distribute this product even over the European borders. The company has recently opened two new branches in North and South America, in order to be near its clients outside Europe.

The TK company builds machineries and systems for the processing of glass. In particular, TK makes all the equipments necessary for glass tempering, ovens for glass lamination and systems for flat glass frosting (tableware, bottles and containers). TK has got 20 years of experience in the development of machineries for glass lamination and was acquired from Satinal Group in 2012. The new owners guided the reorganization and the expansion throughout the world, achieving the company’s presence in Europe and other countries (like Brazil, Argentina, United States, Canada, Australia).



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